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You're beautiful.  
I could tell you that again and again.  Your family could tell you, your friends could tell you, your spouse could tell you.  But you won't really believe it until you see it for yourself.  A boudoir photo shoot really can be life changing.  It can teach you to reach inside of yourself and pull out all of those amazing things that make you who you are and let the world see them.  Because they were always there.  It just takes an experience where you step outside of your comfort zone, give yourself some grace, and come out stronger on the other side.
I would love for you to take a look at my portfolio and if you like what you see please contact me so we can talk about the perfect boudoir photography session for you.  Scroll down for session and investment information as well as my portfolio.





by Amber Carl

Hey gorgeous!  I'm Amber and I can't wait to help you reclaim your confidence!

I'm Amber!  Your luxury Grays Harbor, Washington Boudoir Photographer.  I absolutely love what I do because I've been there.  I didn't have a ton of confidence growing up but I always tried to exude it in some way.  Then after my husband and I started our family I know that my body changed.  It's so hard to watch your own body change and morph and grow into something you don't recognize anymore. 

But through the love of my amazing husband and the women's empowerment work that I do, I started to believe myself that even though my body had changed.  It was still incredibly beautiful for all it had done and will continue to do for me.  I'm still a strong woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a friend.  I listen and I laugh and smile and I feel things.  And none of this has anything to do with what my body looks like.

I knew that I wanted to show other women that they too could love themselves no matter how much their body had changed physically.  And I wanted to watch women go through a transformation before my very eyes from being unconfident and unsure of themselves.  To seeing themselves as their loved ones see them.  Gorgeous, empowering, strong, confident, and beautiful.  That right there is why I do what I do and how Boudoir by Amber Carl came to be.

Women do a boudoir photo session for many reasons.  And you may be asking yourself if a boudoir session can actually change your life.  It can be incredibly empowering to walk into a room and see yourself in one way.  And then look at your photos and see yourself how you had hoped you always could.  

I want to get to know you, I want to hear your story, and I want to be your boudoir photographer!  
Feel free to take some time to look through my portfolio and if you like what you see you can contact me at the bottom of this page.  Or feel free to email me at ambercarlphotography@me.com

I can't wait to plan your boudoir shoot, pop some bubbly, and give you images of yourself that will truly blow your mind.  Take care my friend!  I hope to hear from you soon.

The experience you have during your boudoir shoot means everything. And when booking me as your boudoir photographer, I feel that your images should portray exactly how amazing you feel during your shoot. You're going to be smiling, laughing, and feeling at ease throughout the entire process.
You might feel some nerves when you first walk in, everyone does. But once you sit down in my stylist's chair and talk to her about your plans for hair and makeup, you'll notice those fears slowly slipping away.
I want you to trust in me 100% and I want us to be friends.
As we move into your photo shoot itself after a quick wardrobe consultation, my goal is for you to feel like we've been best friends for years. That's how I am able to capture images of you that are truly you. And so you feel comfortable getting into the poses I put you in.
It's not your job to be a model. It's my job to draw out who you really are so i can give you images that blow your mind now and years to come.
It's also about the results you receive. After your shoot is over, you'll go take a break for about an hour. And then I'll call you back to show you all of your edited images. Yes! That very same day!
You get to choose what package you want right then and there. And you usually will receive your digital images by the time you get back home that day. Album and print orders are received within 1-2 weeks.
Everything during your shoot will be 100% you. Amazing, beautiful, and fun.
Boudoir Sessions begin at $450 to book.  Please contact me HERE so we can discuss your dream session!

Every Boudoir Session Includes:

-Pre shoot consultation
-Professional hair & Makeup application
-Wardrobe consultation
-1-2 hour boudoir photo session
-same day viewing/ordering session
-Prints and products sold separately at your same day ordering session



Your Boudoir Experience

Amber made me feel so comfortable with a boudoir shoot. I can’t believe how easy it was to take pictures with her that were so intimate and vulnerable. I just got my photos back (so fast!) her turn around was a little over a week. They’re so incredible I can’t thank her enough. I have WAY too many favorites! I’ve already booked her again for a family photoshoot just 2 weeks later.

"I can't believe how easy it was to take pictures with her!

Empowering Boudoir Session

It was such a joy to shoot with Amber! This was my very first time shooting boudoir style, and Amber was so amazing. She made me feel so relaxed and at ease, I felt as if I had known her my whole life. I'm already planning our second shoot together! She is 100% worth working with.

"I felt as if I had known her my whole life!"

Intimate boudoir session

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