June 13, 2020

Grays Harbor boudoir photographer | A boudoir shoot after baby

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Grays Harbor Boudoir Photographer

Our bodies are beautiful

As your Grays Harbor boudoir photographer and a mother myself I understand that being pregnant and having a baby is a beautiful thing. It’s definitely a miracle what our bodies go through in order to create a life. But after having the baby we might feel a little lost and confused and disconnected with our new body. All of this is completely normal but it can definitely be frustrating if you’re working to get that “before baby body” back.

Pacific Northwest Boudoir Photographer

This mama wanted to find herself again

Angel came to me because she had seen a lot of the other shoots I had done. She was concerned that maybe those women were models and she wanted to do a boudoir shoot but wasn’t sure if she’d be able to look like them. After explaining to her that she wasn’t going to look like them, she was going to look like herself and she was going to see how gorgeous she really is right now in this very moment, she decided to book a shoot with me as her Grays Harbor boudoir photographer.

Angel had recently had her son and she was used to being tiny all of her life. A size 0 was her normal so after having her son trying to embrace her new body was difficult.

She came into our shoot slightly unsure of herself at first as everyone does but got comfortable immediately. We laughed the entire time and had so much fun together. As she moved through different poses and changed outfits and shared stories, I could tell that she was starting to reconnect with herself and her body again.

Seeing herself how the ones who love her see her | Grays Harbor boudoir photographer

After Angel’s shoot I sent her an image to view before I sent her all of them as a surprise. She was floored. She was really excited to see that she looked exactly how she felt during the shoot. She felt reconnected with her body on a different level now. Although it had changed throughout and after her pregnancy, she saw in those images that she was in fact beautiful just as she was. And the experience she had during the shoot made her feel beautiful too inside and out.

Olympia & Tacoma Boudoir Photographer

Here is what Angel had to say after her experience and seeing one of her images:

“I had my son about 8 months ago. Before i had gotten pregnant i was under 100 lbs, size 00, small long hair everything. I cut all my hair off because of hair dye, went up a few sizes in pants and honestly. I grew into myself. I grew into a woman. I’m turning 22 this Month and i look at myself in the mirror and get upset because of the huge difference I’ve had in my size and so on. I got this sneak peek from my photo shoot i had done 1 week ago and I’m so excited to see how they came out. I needed this and if you have doubts about yourself, self conscious, just even having a terrible time. Do a shoot. It’s worth it and it honestly helps so much. My confidence in how i look is getting better just by one photo let alone the whole album. Can’t wait to get more of them. Thank you Amber Carl!”

A boudoir shoot could be just what you need to start reconnecting with yourself again. And it’s such a beautiful experience. These are the transformations that I love. The hair and the makeup and the outfits are fun. But when you go from not knowing who you are at a point in your life to embracing who you are and that reconnection with your body, that is pure beauty. And I can’t wait to show you how beautiful you really are!

If you want to discuss a transformational boudoir shoot with me then drop me a note at Boudoir by Amber Carl and we can discuss exactly how you want to be photographed.

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And if you need that inspirational boost of confidence every day and want to be surrounded by like minded women, we would love to have you over at Exist in Photos. An online community of women who are learning to love themselves more and more each day!

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