July 7, 2020

What is a professional makeover?

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Professional makeover

What is a professional makeover and why is it important? Every single woman is beautiful. And when you book a boudoir session with me at Boudoir by Amber Carl, every single women gets a professional makeover.

I know that the underlying thought may be, but why are you trying to make me look like someone that I’m not? That’s not the case at all. The main reason why I include a professional makeover in every boudoir photo that I photograph, is because I want you to get the full experience. Think about if you were to walk into my studio completely unprepared, maybe you had a rough morning, maybe there’s a lot of stress going on in your life and booking this boudoir session was your chance to get away. When you schedule to have your hair done or book an appointment at the spa, half of the reason is for the experience. You want someone else to take care of you, you want to be pampered and to feel good. You want to have that hour or so to not think about the craziness going on in your life. You want the experience.

And that’s what it’s all about here at Boudoir by Amber Carl. When you first walk into my studio you are greeted by me and my professional hair and makeup artist. She has an idea already of what you are looking for based on the questions I have already asked you before your shoot. She’s prepared and she’s ready to give you that look and to have a blast with you while doing it. She’s fun to talk to and you know right away that you’re in good hands.

Professional hair and makeup definitely does work better for the camera and you’ll see your natural beauty is accentuated. She’ll start with your makeup and as she goes along she’ll make sure that it’s looking the way you want it to. Then she’ll do your hair and you’re ready to go! The whole process takes about 90 minutes.

Many women who first walk into my studio for a boudoir shoot are nervous and a little apprehensive at first. This 90 minutes with my stylist helps take those nerves down a notch. It’s okay to be nervous, it means we care about something and we want it to go well. But having that buffer time before your shoot to get you ready isn’t just about making you look “pretty.” You already are pretty. We’re giving you that much needed break that you need, taking care of you, and helping to ease your fears if only just a little bit. You can sit and chat and sip a mimosa. You can show us pictures of your kids on your phone. You can talk about whatever it is going on in your life that you want to talk about. We’re both there to make sure you feel taken care of and are ready to rock your shoot!

It makes me sad sometimes when people think that a professional makeover before your shoot is the opportunity to make you look like someone else. It’s not at all. It’s the opportunity to make you feel relaxed and to feel good about your shoot. Because we all know that when you feel good on the inside, it transfers to the outside and gives me the opportunity to get deep and bring out that person who you really are. That’s the beauty I’m looking to photograph for you. I want you to feel amazing and when you see your images I want you to say wow, I look just as amazing as I felt that day!

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