August 20, 2020

Do I need to lose weight before a boudoir shoot?

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Are you wondering how much weight you need to lose to do a boudoir shoot? The answer is simple….Zero.

Isn’t that a simple answer? Well you’re probably wondering but I FEEL like I need to lose some weight before I do a shoot where I’m half naked.

And that’s definitely a valid thought to have considering that you know how you feel in your body. But if you find yourself holding back from booking a boudoir shoot because you think you need to lose weight first then I want you to


sexy boudoir shoot

About 99 % of the women I photograph are doing their boudoir shoot for themselves. But some also do them to give a surprise gift to a partner as well as for themselves. Do you think that the love your partner gives you is based on the number you see on the scale? Again the answer is no. Your partner loves you for who you are, how your mind works, the way you laugh, the way you listen, your smile, and your heart.

The people who love you will not take away their love for you because your weight moves in either direction.

You are so beautiful right now, believe it

If you are working on your fitness goals that’s awesome! Keep working on your personal goals. But do keep this in mind:

As your boudoir photographer and after photographing hundreds of women I know the exact pose, lighting, and outfits for your body. You will look just like you in your photos, and you at your very best because you will feel so confident, at ease, and beautiful during your shoot with me.

So keep hitting the gym because it’s good for your heart and your mind and it’s a great habit to have. But not because you think you aren’t ready for gorgeous photos of you.

Change your mindset

How about doing a boudoir shoot now to help you on your journey of self love. To prove to yourself that you WILL love yourself no matter what. Let the images and the experience show you that you are definitely beautiful now and always will be whether you change something or not. The best advice I can give is that you should document your journey now. So in five 10 15 years down the road you can look back on this moment in your life. I guarantee you you will look at those photos and be so grateful that you have them. Empower yourself and you’ll empower everyone else around you.

Ocean Shores boudoir photography

My Grays Harbor Boudoir Studio is home to women like you. You may look at some of the images on my boudoir site and think wow those ladies must be professional models. Nope. They’re not. They’re every day women just like you who came to my studio, had the experience of a lifetime, and left feeling like a goddess.

You owe yourself that much, to prove to yourself that you do love you. It’s a journey, I get it. But you don’t have to lose any weight before you do a shoot with me.

Remember that and remember that you are worth it now

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