August 25, 2020

My Boudoir Experience

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A boudoir experience for me? Yes! Years ago, when I headed back to Alaska to do a boudoir photo shoot marathon, I was in the middle of taking photos and I thought to myself. You know, I don’t have any boudoir photos of me! At the time I had two friends with me who were doing hair and makeup for the ladies I was photographing. So I asked them, would you guys mind doing a shoot for me when we are done? They agreed and we did just that!

In the moments leading up to it I started to freak! My mind was racing with anxiety as I kept thinking what would I wear? I hadn’t exactly brought anything with me for this. How would I pose? Would my friends judge me as they took my photos? All of the things I reassure the women I photograph on a daily basis had now become my fears as well.

Once we got started I was super anxious. But I quickly realized that these were my friends and I do this for a living! There wasn’t anything to be nervous about. We were just having fun, I was going to be myself and they were going to take pictures of me! Many women tell me that shortly after their boudoir shoot begins, they feel like we had been friends for years. Well I had an advantage here in my boudoir experience because I had been friends with these ladies for years!

Throughout the shoot I felt fantastic. Working with someone who understood how I felt was incredible. Not once did they make me feel weird in my own skin. We wrapped up and ended up going out to a super late dinner after that where we were all exhausted from the exhilarating day we had had.

The photos turned out great and this is one of my favorites. After that shoot I left with a renewed respect for my clients. It’s tough to do something like this. I want you to always feel comfortable when working with me, and that is something I will always strive to do.

Feel free to check out my gallery and if a boudoir shoot is something you have in mind for you, please reach out so I can answer any questions you may have. You can also check out my Boudoir FAQ’s.

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