January 1, 2021

Seattle Couple’s Getaway | The Little Red Day Spa

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These two had the ultimate Seattle Couple’s Getaway. Tommy and Megan met on Match.com and at the point of this couple’s boudoir photoshoot had only been dating for about a month. But you can’t tell in these images. Megan and I had originally met in my women’s only Facebook Group Confident Women of PNW and pretty quickly decided that we needed to work together. Megan is a love coach who helps women feel confident in their skin, create a deeply fulfilling life, and attract their LoveMatch. This comes straight from her Facebook Group Bold Babe Collective. So when we learned that we both have the same vision in reaching women and helping them see and grow their beauty from within, it was an instant match.

What is a Seattle Couple’s Getaway?

When you think about boudoir sessions, what usually comes to mind is one woman in a sexy outfit in a beautiful setting. Couple’s boudoir photography, which is essentially the same only it involves two people, is becoming more common.

If you’re trying to decide between whether or not you should have a traditional standalone boudoir session or one with your partner, consider the following:

Reasons to have a standalone Boudoir Session

You feel more comfortable being by yourself in a boudoir setting

You want to gift your partner the images of yourself

You want to have these images for yourself, as a sort of “gift” to you

You want to celebrate your body, specifically

You’d like to exercise free reign over the session planning experience

Reasons to have a Couple’s Boudoir Session

The idea of being alone in the images makes you uncomfortable or overly nervous

You want to capture the intimacy between you and your partner

You want to have a collaborative session planning experience with your partner

You want to do something bold that helps foster emotional intimacy

You want to celebrate your love whether old or new

Telling Megan and Tommy’s Story

Something I love doing the most is telling a story in photographs. Megan and I met beforehand and chatted and planned a bit more regarding the shoot. We headed over to the The Little Red Day Spa and started setting up what we needed in their beautiful Art Suite. The Day Spa has a few different rooms to choose from if you’d like to have a massage done for yourself, with your partner, or schedule a photoshoot like we did.

So since these two had only been dating for a little while and hadn’t seen each other completely dressed up before, we decided to start out that way. Tommy came in dressed in a full suit and tie, turned around, and then I had Megan stand behind him back to back. We just let the anticipation build for a few minutes because due to their distance and schedules, they hadn’t seen each other for a few days. Because we did this, there were some really authentic images full of excitement.

In a couple’s boudoir session I usually guide the couple through certain poses, but how they react after that is up to them and their relationship. I want to capture their true feelings for each other. One of the main reasons people do couple’s boudoir sessions is to see and remember that look of love on their own face for their partner. It’s magical.

So, here we go! Take a look at Megan and Tommy’s relationship unfold in front of my lens. It was such a beautiful thing to be a part of.

Seattle Couple's Getaway
Seattle Couples Getaway
Seattle Couples Boudoir Getaway
Little Red Day Spa Seattle
Little Red Day Spa Seattle
Seattle Couples Getaway
Seattle Couples Boudoir

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