January 5, 2021

Boudoir Seattle | For her daughter

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As soon as Kayce Boudoir Seattle photoshoot, I knew this was something she needed. So for this Transformation Tuesday I’m going to share a little bit about her story.

This boudoir session was particularly special as Kayce is a survivor of repeat domestic violence abuse and due to that never had the confidence to do a Boudoir Seattle photoshoot. But one day she found me and decided to reach out. Her oldest daughter always told her how beautiful she is and that she should just do it and enjoy herself. That same daughter sadly passed away seven years ago due to domestic violence.

When Kayce got to a point in her life to do a Boudoir shoot, her daughter was definitely there. Before each session I send my clients a questionnaire to help us both prepare for the boudoir shoot. One of the questions I ask is what type of music they like so I can put together a playlist that will help them feel at ease during the session itself. As Kayce sat down in my stylist’s chair and I turned the music on the very first song that played was I’m Alright by JoDee Messina. It was the first song Kayce had taught her daughter to sing and they sang it together all the time. She knew her daughter was there cheering her on and she felt a million times better knowing the reasons behind doing her shoot.

Seattle Boudoir Transformation Tuesday

I post these before and afters every Tuesday and I want to make sure that you know that I don’t share these to show you that women look better with their hair and makeup done. That’s not it at all. Kayce, just like every woman I post about, is beautiful in the before picture and beautiful in the after picture. I share these to show you all that goes into your photoshoot creating that transformation from WITHIN. When you FEEL confident and amazing and like you’ve been taken care of that exudes in your images. It helps to bring out the real you so we can capture who you are right now at this time in your life.

Plus it’s so fun to see what goes on during your shoot with the styling, the posing, and the editing.

Sharing the images with her partner

Kayce was going to surprise her boyfriend with the images for Christmas but decided that she needed his help in deciding which ones she was going to get! He was amazed! He knows how beautiful she is but seeing how happy she was throughout the entire experience overjoyed him. Kayce says he just kept saying how much he liked them which made her feel even more beautiful and loved! And she certainly rocked those angel wings.

Each woman is different, with different reasons for doing a session

Every woman I photograph has a different reason as to why they want to do a Boudoir Seattle photo session. Kayce’s was to uplift her daughter’s story and memory. Other women I have photographed do a session because they recently got out of a long relationship and want to reclaim who they are by themselves. Others are celebrating weight loss, surprising a partner, or simply giving themselves some much needed love and attention.

So cue the sultry music for this post! No more talking, let’s get to those images!

Seattle Boudoir
Boudoir Seattle
Grays Harbor Boudoir Photographer
Seattle Boudoir Photographer
Olympia Boudoir Photographer
Tacoma Boudoir Photographer
Boudoir Seattle

Whatever your reason, I’m here for you to tell your story through beautiful images. If you’d like to learn more about a boudoir session with me at Boudoir by Amber Carl, check out this previous blog post and don’t hesitate to reach out!

Bookings & Inquires: www.boudoirbyambercarl.com

You can also email me at ambercarlphotography@me.com

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