May 20, 2021

Beach Boudoir | Grays Harbor Boudoir

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I absolutely love Beach Boudoir. When you can get outside in your element, in many women’s happy place at the beach, and tell your story of your life right now? It’s perfect. And that’s exactly what Talessa did.

This was our second boudoir shoot together. Her first one was in my studio in Ocean Shores and this time she wanted to change it up a bit. So she met at my studio where my stylist Ladawn did her hair and makeup. And then Talessa and I headed out to Damon’s Point here in Ocean Shores. She was so brave and didn’t really care that were a few people out on the beach that day. We found the perfect rock for the look we were going for and of course the beach and the ocean make an amazing backdrop for any type of photoshoot let alone beach boudoir.

One of the reasons many women do a boudoir shoot in the first place is because they have a lot going on in their life. They want to take a breather for a few minutes and remember who they are, to reconnect with themselves on a deeper level. That’s why I love this work that I’m blessed to be able to do. I get to SHOW women who they are and allow them to feel a way about themselves that they should feel every day. But we know it’s hard. Sometimes it’s hard to look in the mirror and say “I’m perfect just how I am!” Everyone has their insecurities. A boudoir shoot allows you to embrace those insecurities, see yourself in a new light, and begin to love yourself regardless of whatever flaws you may think you have. And on the days that you’re feeling down about yourself you can pull out those photos from your beach boudoir shoot, or any boudoir shoot, and remind yourself who you are. You are the brave girl who did this. You are the strong woman who looked fear in the face and walked out on the other side the goddess that you are. It’s really a beautiful experience for you and amazing for me to watch that transformation happen in front of my lens.

This beach boudoir shoot was incredible! I was telling Talessa afterwards that it was one of my most favorite shoots I’ve done! Something about her and the light and the beach, it all came together so beautiful.

Talessa’s words to live by are “Do not and I mean do not ever let anyone dull your spark. Rock it with confidence 100%!” I agree!

About her experience she says, “When it comes to your photo shoot and yes of course sometimes you are going to be nervous, you pick something that you are going to be comfortable in and you act like you’re the baddest b**** out there! This has to be my absolute most favorite shoot that I have done so far, I do have one more next month! Amber and Ladawn outdid themselves yesterday while doing my shoot! Thank you all so much”

Take a look at these images that Talessa ultimately chose from her beach boudoir session! And if you’re wanting to know more about a boudoir photoshoot check out this blog post which will explain to you what happens during a boudoir shoot at my studio in Ocean Shores.

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Talessa’s Beach Boudoir Favorites

Beach Boudoir
Grays Harbor Beach Boudoir
Beach Boudoir
Grays Harbor Beach Boudoir
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