May 21, 2021

Birthday Boudoir | Grays Harbor Boudoir Photographer

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A Birthday Boudoir shoot isn’t something I get to do every day, but when I do it’s definitely a reason to celebrate! Every woman has a different reason as to why she wants to do a boudoir shoot, and a birthday boudoir shoot sometimes is one of those reasons. I think every woman should do a boudoir shoot to celebrate every milestone in her life and turning 21 is one of those milestones. This way through the years you have gorgeous images of that strong, brave, confident, beautiful woman that you are at each state of your life. It’s kind of magical to be able to look back on that.

Lillian and I met up at the studio here in Ocean Shores and changed it up a bit with a little bit of a different background and even headed outside for a few. She wanted to do a boudoir shoot celebrating this time in her life but was a little apprehensive. And let me tell you, about 98 percent of the women I photograph are nervous and apprehensive at first. A boudoir shoot is something they really really want to do but worry that they won’t look good or won’t feel good and the whole experience will be an embarrassment to themselves. But you would be surprised how quickly those nerves go away! You walk into my studio afraid of the unknown. Although we’ve been planning your session together for weeks and I’ve been letting you know what to expect, this is something you’ve never done before! So there’s still that element of not being exactly sure what’s going to happen. But about five minutes into sitting in my stylist’s chair as she chats with you and begins your hair and makeup you think to yourself what nerves? I feel like I’m hanging out with two of my best girlfriends! It’s really a beautiful experience to allow yourself to be taken care of and pumped up!

So whatever your reason for doing a boudoir shoot know that that’s YOUR reason and you should celebrate it! Take a look at Lilly’s birthday boudoir photos as she celebrates turning 21 and a new chapter of her life starts to unfold!

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Lilly’s Birthday Boudoir Shoot!

Birthday Boudoir

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