May 24, 2021

Angel Wings Photography | Olympia & Tacoma Boudoir Photographer

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Angel Wings Photography has become something that many women love adding into their boudoir shoot. I have two pairs of angel wings to choose from for your boudoir session and it’s a wonderful way to make your boudoir shoot personal to you. Add a different element to your shoot with angel wings photography and use one set or both! My studio offers a white pair and blue pair. The white ones appear to be feathers and photograph that way but they are actually styrofoam type wings with some feathers on the top for accent. The blue wings are all feathers with a very sturdy base and you put them on like a backpack.

Kimberly decided that for her boudoir shoot she wanted to add on the angel wings so we did! Along with the angel wings you can also access different outfits from my client closet to wear during your shoot. But I have another post coming about that very soon so you can see what outfits and sizes are available.

Kimberly is from Texas so her plan for her shoot was to incoorporate the Texas flag. This girl did definitely represent as we wrapped her in that flag and showed her true love for her home! She came to my studio just completely excited to be there. Usually women are nervous when they sit down for their shoot and she may have been a little but it didn’t show at all! My stylist Kennedy got her all ready and we talked and laughed and giggled the whole time. This is why it’s so important to have your hair and makeup done prior to your shoot. It gives you that time to relate with me and my stylist, laugh and talk together, and help settle your nerves. You start to realize that we’re real people too and we’re there to make your experience amazing because you deserve to feel and look completely amazing! And when you feel amazing then it shines right out into your photographs and every time you look at those images you’ll remember how incredible you felt. And plus you look incredible too so that definitely doesn’t hurt!

The angel wings can be added to any boudoir session for an add on fee of $100. And you’ll get to ultimately decide if you want any of the images with the angel wings in them after your shoot. I’ll send you over an online proof gallery of your edited images and that is your opportunity to make your final decisions in the comfort of your own home. No pushy sales tactics, you simply buy what you want!

Check out Kimberly’s Angel Wing Boudoir Shoot here and let me know if you’d like to add angel wings onto your boudoir session! You can visit or simply email me at

Take a peek at another boudoir shoot where we added the angel wings here.

And for now, check out this beautiful angel wings photography boudoir session with Kimberly!

Angel Wings Photography
Angel wings Photography
Angel Wings Photography
Pacific Northwest Boudoir Photographer
Tacoma Boudoir Photographer
Olympia Boudoir Photographer
Olympia Tacoma Boudoir Photographer

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