May 25, 2021

Couples Photography Seattle | Your love story

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Couples Photography in Seattle might be the perfect way for you and your partner to reconnect and share your love story together.

Did you know that Couples Photography in Seattle or at all was a thing? Not many people do. They see boudoir photos and know that that’s a huge up and coming thing and a way for a woman to reconnect with herself. But maybe couples boudoir is new to you and that’s ok! I want to share with you a few reasons why you should do a boudoir shoot WITH your partner.

Angel and Bill, a love story

Angel and Bill reached out to me to do a couple’s boudoir shoot because they were approaching their 30th wedding anniversary. These two are the best of friends and just truly look out for and protect one another. It was really sweet seeing them get comfortable in front of a stranger and just really be themselves together.

Typically couples will book a couple’s boudoir shoot with me and make it a little getaway together in Ocean Shores, where my studio is located. Which is perfect because what else would you want to do after doing a boudoir shoot with the person you love other than head back to your hotel immediately? 😉

These two were so comfortable to be around and I definitely got the sense that they felt the same way.

Reasons to do a couple’s photography Seattle shoot

You might be wondering why would I want to get intimate with my partner in front of someone else? Well first you see, it’s not like that at all. You may be nervous of course before your shoot just like anyone is before a boudoir shoot. But what typically happens is that the couples I photograph forget I’m even there, which is my goal. I want to capture you together in your element. I want you to feel as if no one is watching. I want to give you images that show you how you look at your partner and how they look at you. I want you to see your love through someone else’s eyes and be able to look back on that and get lost in the moment again together.

A couple’s boudoir shoot can also help you reconnect with one another. Life gets busy and sometimes we forget how important it is to make sure our partner feels loved or that we feel loved. Doing a couple’s boudoir shoot can give you that uninterrupted time to re-explore one another and remember why you fell in love in the first place. It’s a wonderful jumping off point for reconnection.

A couple’s boudoir shoot gives you an excuse to get away together, have a date weekend, just really focus on each other. It can be an amazing date night activity, a getaway, and a chance to be alone together or at least feel alone together. Of course I’ll be there but the goal is for you to forget that I am!

Take a look at Angel and Bill’s couple’s boudoir session and let’s wish them a wonderful 30th wedding anniversary and many many more!

If you’d like to talk about doing a couple’s boudoir shoot please visit or just email me at

And if you’d like to see another hot and heavy couple’s boudoir shoot at The Little Red Day Spa in Seattle, then check out my other blog post with Megan and Tommy!

Here’s Angel and Bill!

Couples Photography Seattle
Couples Photography Seattle
Couples Photography Seattle
Couples Boudoir Seattle
Couples Boudoir Seattle
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