May 27, 2021

Seattle Boudoir Photography | The Little Red Day Spa

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If you’re looking for Seattle Boudoir Photography, look no further than booking your session with me at The Little Red Day Spa. Not only does this gorgeous day spa provide one amazing suite location for professional photos, but many more locations as well. Typically I use The Art Suite when I do boudoir shoots there because they have a giant bath tub with a balcony above it. And if you have worked with me before you will know that I love shooting from above. So this is the ideal location for boudoir photography when I come to Seattle. As you may know my studio is located in Ocean Shores, Washington but now and then I schedule boudoir shoots or boudoir shoot parties at The Little Red Day Spa.

I did do a boudoir party here and it was incredible! But I’ll talk about that in another blog post in the future. On this day I got to photograph Tisha for the second time! For her first shoot with me her and her best friend Brenda came out to my studio. Once she booked her second shoot she had been able to see many shoots that I’d done at the day spa and decided that she wanted to do it there. We met up and one of the first things that I like to do after hair and makeup is done is to lay out your outfits that you brought and decide together what you’re going to wear first. Don’t fret though, if you don’t have any outfits or don’t want to buy any for this occasion I do have a client closet that you can look through. If all else fails still please don’t stress about outfits. I’ve done many boudoir shoots where we just wrap you up accordingly in a white sheet and they turn out beautiful every time. So don’t worry about outfits, please, okay? I’ve got you.

We decided what Tisha was going to wear and then went for it. This is what Tisha had to say about her first boudoir experience with me.

“After second guessing myself over and over I finally decided to do this – I was up late searching and on a whim I messaged Amber and because it was almost midnight and I figured I wouldn’t hear back until the next day so I had nothing to lose. SHE MESSAGED BACK RIGHT AWAY! I panicked cause I had resigned myself that I reached out and that was good enough. After messaging back and forth I decided I’m gonna do it! I booked that night, paid right away and haven’t regretted it one bit. Amber was so awesome at making me feel comfortable in my own skin – that in itself was amazing! I’ve done 2 shoots now and both were completely different but empowering. I was amazed those photos where ME like ME – I couldn’t believe it cause I hadn’t ever seen myself look beautiful and there I was right there in those photos. She truly brought out a side of me I didn’t know I had.”

Thank you so much Tisha! She was so happy with her first experience that she immediately booked a second shoot and that’s the one I’m going to show you! So that you can get an idea of what The Little Red Day Spa can do for your boudoir shoot!

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I would also love to take this opportunity to invite you to join my private women’s only Facebook group. This is your space to share stories, wins, struggles, and inspiration. We also help each other out in planning for shoots, share experiences from your shoot as well as images. Come on over and be a VIP Member of Confident Women of PNW. We would love to have you.

And if you want to see more shoots that I’ve done at the day spa, check out this blog post! A couple’s shoot that was incredible!

Seattle Boudoir Photography, Tisha’s session

Seattle Boudoir Photography
Seattle Boudoir Photography
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