May 28, 2021

Las Vegas Boudoir | A repeat client

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Being a Las Vegas Boudoir Photographer gives me the opportunity to photograph so many women multiple times. I love it! Although I’m based out of Washington State, I travel back to Las Vegas for boudoir photos and wedding photography quite often. It’s such a fun place to come visit for work.

This is the fourth shoot that I’ve been lucky enough to do for Marla. We’ve done three boudoir shoots now and one family session for her. It’s so fun to schedule each of these shoots and work together on a vibe that we want to go with for it. Marla is amazing to work with and one thing that I know I’ve mentioned before about photographing women is that I feel like we become friends! Marla is no exception, I totally love hanging out with her.

For this shoot she had some new boots she wanted to show off from Club Hella Heels that were amazing! Check them out if you’re interested. They have so so so many different options.

We did Marla’s shoot this time at The Rio in Las Vegas. I love booking a room there for boudoir shoots because all the rooms are suites so there’s so many different options for poses. This time we got a shower and giant bath tub so that was incredible as you’ll see in the photos!

Las Vegas Boudoir, telling your story

Every woman who does a boudoir shoot has a different story that she wants to share and a different way she wants to be portrayed in her images. I’ve photographed women who wanted to forget a horrible past year they had had and end on a high note. I’ve photographed women expecting their first baby wanting to document their pregnancy in a beautiful way. I’ve photographed women wanting to show their strong bodies after the hard work they’ve put into them. And I’ve photographed women who want to feel beautiful for the first time in their lives. I absolutely love hearing each and every story that is shared with me and I always do my best to bring your story to life in images. Being a person who loves storytelling, it’s so amazing that this is my job! I get to tell YOUR story for YOU exactly how you want it to be shared. And then you can look back on this story and this time in your life and remember exactly how you felt in that moment. It’s a beautiful thing!

Here’s what Marla had to say about her experience!

“Every single time I have a shoot with Amber it’s different and amazing. She always makes me feel so comfortable I felt totally confident completely nakey in this session and I’m so glad I did. This was my what? 4th boudoir shoot with her and there’ll be more believe me. If you haven’t booked with her yet you should just do it.”

I feel the same way girlfriend! Can’t wait to do more shoots with you in the future!

My fourth shoot with Marla!

You can find Marla on Instagram if you’d like to follow her at sonder_opia_poledance. She’s strong, beautiful, amazing, and a super fun person. I highly recommend you go check her out!

Here’s a few of our favorite images from her Las Vegas Boudoir shoot! Enjoy!

And as always, if you’re looking to book a boudoir session with me whether in Washington State or Las Vegas, go check out or just email me at

And if you’re not in Las Vegas but are in the Seattle area and want to do a beautiful boudoir shoot at a luxury day spa, then go check out this post where I got to photograph Tisha at The Little Red Day Spa in Seattle!

Las Vegas Boudoir
Las Vegas Boudoir
Las Vegas Boudoir

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