June 2, 2021

Couples Boudoir | Seattle Boudoir Photography

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When you hear the words Couples Boudoir what do you think of? Maybe it’s something you’ve never heard of before. Maybe it’s something you’ve considered doing with your partner. As you know I specialize in photographing women, telling their story through images, and giving them an amazing experience to reconnect with themselves on a deeper level. But what if you could also do that with your partner? Life gets busy, we get busy, and for some relationships the two people get so caught up in life that they forget why they fell in love in the first place.

This is just how Rachel and Joshua felt. Almost 15 years together and two kids later, these two needed to reconnect. They try to get out of the house together for date nights now and then but needed something more. When they found out that they could see their love for each other through someone else’s eyes, they jumped on the opportunity.

Initially I was going to take these two to my studio in Ocean Shores and do a beautiful indoor shoot for them. But they quickly realized that that wasn’t them. They adventure together, they hike, the get outside a lot. They knew that they’d feel that deeper connection with each other if they were out in nature. Then they wouldn’t only get lost in each other but lost in the elements as well.

How does a couples boudoir shoot work you may be wondering. Isn’t it weird to be intimate with your partner and have someone else basically watching you? That’s the thing. It might be weird at first but after a few minutes every couple I’ve photographed in this way has told me that they completely forgot I was even there. It’s really a beautiful experience because you allow yourselves to forget about the comings and goings of everyday life and just really focus on each other. It’s beautiful.

How a Couples Boudoir session works

Once we decide on a location for your shoot I send you over emails to help both of us prepare for your session. I ask you questions about you and your partner, your relationship, why you want to do this shoot, and what you like to do together. We then meet at the location or my studio for your photo session on the day that we agreed upon and begin. Typically I have couples wear a casual every day outfit to get started. I’ll give you cues and set you up in somewhat poses (like I’ve said before, I like to call it “candidly posed). But then I kind of let you go. I’ll tell you to look at each other and laugh, giggle, smile, close your eyes, what to do with your hands. What starts to happen next is in the moment. I’ll let you do your thing for a few seconds so we can get those raw images of you two being you together and then we’ll move onto another setup. It’s really a lot easier and less nerve wracking than people think it may be.

For this couples boudoir session we went to Pacific Beach just outside of the town of Seabrook which if you haven’t been to Seabrook you should definitely check it out. The beach is so wide open in this area that even if there are a lot of people there, it feels like there’s basically no one. The town itself gets pretty busy however but it’s a fun place to go grab pizza at Frontager’s (which actually sounds so good right now even though it’s 8:00 am as I’m writing this). You can definitely make a day of it.

You can however see an in studio couples boudoir session that I did here on this post. And if you’re considering a session for you and your partner please inquire at www.boudoirbyambercarl.com or just email me at ambercarlphotography@me.com

Take a look at this beautiful session we did for Rachel and Joshua!

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Couples Boudoir
Couples Boudoir
Couples Boudoir

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