June 30, 2021

The Top 3 questions I get asked as a boudoir photographer

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Boudoir Photography

As a boudoir photographer why am I asked these 3 questions mainly? Because people want to be informed before their boudoir shoot. They want to know what to expect and how to prepare. I absolutely lay this all out for you leading up to your boudoir shoot. But sometimes you have to ask the hard questions and so you do!

Here are the top 3 questions I get asked as a boudoir photographer

Number 3: Will my photos be shared online?

The answer to this is NO WAY, unless you give me permission. When you come to your boudoir session I have a consent form that I have you look over. This consent form explains that you agree you are of age and you are agreeing to A. have your hair and makeup done and B. participate in a boudoir photo shoot. This consent form also has a section that says that you allow Boudoir by Amber Carl and her stylist to share your images either on social media, their blog/websites, in her private women’s only Facebook group, all of the above, or none of the above. You select your options based on your preference, you sign, and that is that!

Sometimes women will say well I’m not sure yet if I want you to share my images anywhere, can I see them first? And the answer to that is absolutely! Even once you have signed the consent form I will show you a sneak peek from your shoot within 24 hours, make sure you’re ok with it, and I’ll usually use that one to post in my private Facebook group so that the other ladies can applaud you! I typically don’t share any images on any other outlets until you have made your final selection of images and I have delivered them to you. And only with your consent!

Number 2: What got you into boudoir photography?

I get asked this one usually at every boudoir shoot that I do! I love it because I get to share my story with you! I’ve been a professional photographer for about 12 years (since 2009). Throughout that time I mainly focused on weddings and family portraits. Every once in a while someone would ask about boudoir and I’d do my best! It wasn’t until my family and I moved to Las Vegas that I really started to dive into boudoir photography. I would have friends come to town and say hey you’re a photographer, can you come to my hotel and take sexy photos for me? This is where I really started to feel comfortable with boudoir photography and really lean into it. So I started somewhat specializing in it in Las Vegas and would rent hotel rooms on the strip as my studio! I loved seeing these women transform into the beautiful goddesses that they are and really own their confidence. So once we moved to Ocean Shores I was really ready to go with this and everything seemed to line up! I found a space to use as a studio, grew my women’s only Facebook group (which you can be a part of if you aren’t already!), and have met so many amazing women and couple’s who have trusted me in telling their story with beautiful images!

Number 1: The number one question I always get asked as a boudoir photographer is What do I wear?! And it makes sense, of course you want to be prepared for your boudoir shoot. Thankfully I have a couple ways that I help you with this. I stay connected with you leading up to your shoot helping you prepare and decide what to bring to your photo session to wear. I always tell women that it’s better to bring too many items because we can always go through and narrow it down. I also offer a client closet at my studio which has many different items for you to choose from to wear for your session. Take a look at what I currently have available!

You are of course more than welcome to bring your own items as well! And right here I’ll show you some of my favorite pieces that you can buy for your boudoir shoot with links directly to them. Take a look!

Women’s Robe

Women’s Sleepwear

Kimono Robe

Lace Gown

Lingerie Set


Bra and Panty Set

Teddy Bodysuit

Shein Lingerie Set

Shein Teddy Body Suit

Shein Lingerie Set

AdoreMe Loraina

AdoreMe Corset

AdoreMe Monalisa

AdoreMe Corset

There you go! Check those out and let me know if you have other favorite pieces that I should add to this list! Feel free to comment here with your favorite links.

If you would like to start planning your boudoir session please reach out to me at ambercarlphotography@me.com or let’s connect at Boudoir by Amber Carl

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