September 22, 2021

Halloween Lingerie, my top favorite

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Halloween lingerie is always something fun to play with. And with today being the first official day of fall, Halloween is literally right around the corner. Do you have your costume yet? I can’t wait to hear what everyone is going to dress up as. Bonus points if you send me a picture! If you’re a part of my exclusive VIP women’s only Facebook group then you can totally get in on the fun and post a picture of your costume this year for our special #selfiesunday that we’ll be doing on Halloween. It’s so fun to dress up and in a way play a different role for a few hours.

I love to scour the internet and find sexy lingerie for my #thisorthat and #whattowearwednesday posts in my group. This always gets everyone talking! And finally I’ve decided to start posting links on where you can find these items on Amazon! I’ll do the looking for you, you just have to click, buy, and wait for it to be delivered to your door!

So here’s my top 10 favorite sexy Halloween lingerie pieces for you this year! Some are playful, some are sexy, some are both! Let me know if you grabbed any of these and what you thought of them! If you’re interested on where to find any of this Halloween lingerie, just click the image and it will take you directly to the place to purchase. These are all links to Amazon as I am an Amazon associate so I may receive proceeds on your purchases.

Halloween lingerie

Be daring, sexy, and seductive in this two piece mesh set! Perfect for an accent to a Halloween outfit or just in the bedroom to spice things up!

Halloween lingerie

Ok I love this one! I’m into anything pumpkin at the moment with it being fall, I even just had my nails done to look like candy corn. Ok maybe that was too far but it’s ok. I LOVE bodysuits anyway but this orange bodysuit?? I need it, don’t you?

Halloween lingerie

You can do so many amazing things with robes. This isn’t a robe but it combines a robe style and a bodysuit, two of my favorite things for boudoir shoots!

Halloween lingerie

This could totally compliment a certain Halloween costume where you’re trying to go for a particular vibe. I feel Edward Scissorhands but what are your thoughts?

Grays Harbor boudoir photographer lingerie

Yes another bodysuit. They’re my favorite what can I say? They’re perfect for every body type and there are so many different styles and poses I can do with them! I LOVE bodysuits! Did I say that already?

Halloween lingerie

Ok how freaking cute is this? There’s not much more to say here other than this is fun, adorable, and Halloween lingerie so there you go!

If you’re more into cosplay and Disney princesses then this is definitely for you. How cute, fun, and sexy all at the same time!

Ok this one is my FAVE! I cannot get over how cute it is! Let me know if you grab this one because I may just add it to my client closet too for Halloween themed boudoir sessions!

Please let me know if you grab any of these! They’re all amazing pieces and I hope you get some of them and have fun with them! Stay tuned to see the Witchy boudoir sessions that I just completed!!

Happy spooky season!!



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