December 13, 2021

Boudoir by Amber Carl, my end of year goals

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I have so many big dreams for Boudoir by Amber Carl but all right, I’m putting it out there, my end of year goals. I have two sessions to finish editing and deliver to my amazing clients but I have more to do before this year ends.

I plan to focus on all of the little behind the scenes things that need to happen to get myself out there. Blog, be more consistent on social media, make sure my website is optimized so when you come to it you find what you’re looking for.

That’s my big goal for the rest of this month. So check back with me on December 31st and I’ll let you know how it all went with my big goal to crush out the year with a bang!

Care to share what you hope to accomplish in this last month of 2021? I would love to know so please feel free to share in the comments below.

In the meantime would you like to take a look at this gorgeous session in the new studio? I love sessions that were booked a long time ago because then I finally get to meet this amazing person that I’ve been planning with for so long!

I got so lucky to be able to use this studio space that I have and I’m so thankful for it! What happened was I was using a space that was basically an AirBNB. And when the space needed to be booked for that I couldn’t use it anymore. That made it difficult for when I had shoots booked in advance and then someone had to reserve it at the last minute. Thankfully I got a referral for Flawless Esthetics in Aberdeen. They have a gorgeous entryway to their salon AND they book appointments Monday-Friday. We need it on the weekends so it works perfectly! I’m chatting with the owner as well on expanding to another gorgeous set upstairs, but that’s coming in the future.

But take a look at the gorgeous studio here through Natalie’s beautiful shoot! You so deserved this for you girl and I’m so happy you booked this so long ago! I so appreciate you working with me at Boudoir by Amber Carl.

Olympia Boudoir Photographer
Boudoir by Amber Carl
Boudoir by Amber Carl Studio
Grays Harbor Boudoir Photographer
Grays Harbor Boudoir Photography Studio
Boudoir by Amber Carl
Olympia Boudoir Photographer
boudoir by amber carl studio

Want to see more of my work or interested in booking a boudoir shoot or a couples shoot for yourself? Check out my work here. You can also take a look at what else my gorgeous studio space has to offer you at Flawless Esthetics.

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