January 14, 2022

Learning to love your body

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Learning to love your body can of course be challenging at times. A boudoir photoshoot can absolutely help you with this. The women I photograph walk into their session with so many nerves and anxiety towards their bodies. But once we get going with hair and makeup and the photoshoot itself, those nerves slip away. I show them a few images on the back of my camera and they’re blown away! Is that me?? They say. But they don’t say it in a way as if they feel they don’t look like themselves. They say it in a way that means they know it’s them, they just haven’t seen that strong, amazing, confident woman in a while. It’s my job to pull her out of you and let her know that she’s allowed to stay.

Boudoir is for everyone!

It’s empowering!

It doesn’t matter who you are or why you want to do it. We’ve all carried different stories. Sometimes in the midst of life’s chaos, it’s perfectly fine to acknowledge your worth. Being confident is beautiful. And sometimes, we need to reassure ourselves we still got-it-going-on.

It’s fun!

It’s that straightforward. The weeks leading up are exhilarating in itself! You begin the journey of self-love. It’s motivating to have something like boudoir to look forward to – cue the hair salon and pampering sessions! The entire session is an intense experience! We turn up the music, set the mood, and get the party started!

It’s a celebration!

Your body is your temple. Cherish it! Maybe you birthed children; it’s a perfect time to honor it. Maybe you reached your goal weight; it’s an achievement you should capture! Maybe you love your scars; embrace those. Or maybe, you love every roll and dip; do the shoot!

It’s a unique gift!

Regardless if it’s a couple’s session or solo session, it’s a great way to gift your partner with something memorable. Spice things up and just do it!

It’s pampering!

Who doesn’t like a little pampering? We encourage you to visit a salon or spa the days leading up to your boudoir session. Freshen up your hair color and get a cut – guys, too! Visit a nail salon and take in every single moment.

It’s a photoshoot!

YOU’RE IN THE SPOTLIGHT! With the right photographer, your session is going to be a hit. Sure, you might be bashful. But sometime during your session, you’re going to blossom. It’s the awakening moment when you realize just how amazing you are. You’ll be proud of yourself for doing something for you.

It’s a special time!

I will lift you up and offer words of encouragement! It’s time to break outside of your comfortable boundaries and dive straight in! There’s always something in your life to love and celebrate. Let this be a gift to you!

Learning to love your body through pregnancy

If you could feel the emotion with me when I took this shot of Janelle then you’d be teary eyed too. There are two instances during my photography career where I really need to focus and make sure the camera doesn’t wobble as I try to fight the urge to bawl my eyes out. Those were when the mother and son dance at a wedding (the songs they choose to play make me think of my own son getting married one day and it’s instant waterworks), and when I do maternity boudoir photos.

A woman’s body is beautiful regardless of what season in life she is in. But when that body is growing a human life, all bets are off for me.

Why do a boudoir session when you’re pregnant? Because it’s such great therapy for learning to love your body through all stages. Everything is changing when you’re pregnant, your hormones are all over the place. It’s a wonderful excuse to take a few hours aside for yourself and let other women take care of you. It’s also such a beautiful way to showcase that little life growing inside of you.

I absolutely cannot wait to photograph more maternity sessions in 2022. But in the meantime can you help me out here? Which of these do you prefer? Color or black and white?

Learning to love your body
Maternity Boudoir
Learning to love your body
Maternity Boudoir Photographer

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